Just started baking? Here are pro frosting tips using just two ingredients


Baking is not as hard if one understands the importance of measuring ingredients and following the steps to a T, say experts. However, baking is just one part of the whole exercise, what adds more texture and taste to a cake is the frosting or sweet toppings. So, if you are looking for tips to master the art of whipping up some cream frosting, chef Shivesh Bhatia has these simple tips that require just two ingredients – butter and sugar.

Yes, you read it right.

Take a look below.

He says, “Just sugar and butter creamed together at the perfect temperature gives you that gloriously fluffy and glossy buttercream frosting. What’s better is you can create so many variations from the basic recipe by adding vanilla, chocolate or any other fruit puree you want.”

Here’s what he suggests:

*Butter should be at room temperature. If the butter is too warm, you’ll end up with a greasy buttercream that won’t hold its shape. If the butter is too cold, the buttercream won’t be light and fluffy. Use a stand mixer or an electric mixer to make buttercream because butter needs to be whipped for about five minutes till its light and airy. After around five minutes, the butter will lose its colour and almost double up in quantity. Now is when you can stop beating.

These simple tips can help you add colour to your bake. (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

*Make sure you use icing sugar for this recipe. Any sugar, other than icing sugar, is not ground fine enough and you’ll end up with a grainy buttercream. The perfect buttercream should be glossy and smooth and should melt in the mouth. While coarsely ground sugar is the better option for dusting your brownies, you definitely do not want those sugar grains in your mouth while eating frosting.

*To ensure that the buttercream comes well together and is smooth and homogenous, it is imperative that you sift the sugar. Not only will it get rid of any thicker sugar crystals, but will also make sure your buttercream is silky and not lumpy.

*Add that extra richness to your buttercream by adding one tablespoon of double cream, whipping cream or even milk towards the end and give it a whisk. Any flavours or food colours can be added to the whipping cream at this point. Make sure you don’t add too much cream or liquid because it may completely ruin the texture of your buttercream and you’ll be left with a soupy substance. “I would advice adding gel colours and flavours instead of liquid ones to make sure the texture does not get affected,” he mentioned.

*You can also make your buttercream in advance and store it for up to a week in the refrigerator and for up to a month in the freezer. Just take it out a while before using and whisk till it’s of the perfect consistency.

*If you think your buttercream is becoming too greasy and sloppy, just pop it in the refrigerator for 10 minutes and start whipping again. “If it’s too tough, I like to use a hairdryer around my mixer bowl while whipping to bring up the temperature till it’s of perfect consistency,” remarked Bhatia.