Make chocolate popcorn at home in five minutes; recipe inside


What could be a better companion for binge-watching than a bowl of crunchy, yummy popcorn? Instead of ordering in, you could pop them at home. And if you are bored with the regular salted popcorn, you can still use the same corn seeds and convert them into chocolate flavour. Wondering how? We have a five-minute, hassle-free recipe for making chocolate popcorn at home.

So, before you sit to watch the IPL match or start a new show or movie, make some delicious chocolate popcorn by following this recipe by former MasterChef India runner-up Neha Deepak Shah.


Popcorn seeds
Brown sugar
Choco chips/ chopped chocolate


  • Heat a pan, add some butter, little oil and brown sugar.
  • Add some popping corn and mix the ingredients well.
  • Cover the pan with a lid and let the corn pop completely.
  • Once done, add some chopped chocolate or choco chips to the popcorn while it is hot and give it a good mix. Your chocolate popcorn is ready.