KFC burger wins Best Vegan Chicken award at PETA annual Vegan Food Awards


Can you imagine a KFC burger winning an award from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)? Well, it is certainly possible and in fact, its ‘vegan chicken burger’ was recently awarded by PETA as part of its annual Vegan Food Awards that recognises meat-free food launches, The Independent reports.

According to the outlet, KFC’s vegan chicken burger had quickly sold out when it was released last year, suggesting there is a huge market for such food items. And for this, the fast-food chain received an accolade at the vegan food awards event that PETA hosted for the eighth consecutive year, this year. KFC was among the recipients in the 24 prize categories this year. It eventually went on to win the title of Best Vegan Chicken for its vegan burger.

In June 2019, KFC had announced the launch of its vegan burger, which was dubbed ‘The Imposter’. It is said that it had used Quorn — a meat substitute product in the UK — instead of chicken breast fillet, coating it with Colonel’s Original Recipe herbs and spices, and serving it with “vegan mayonnaise, fresh iceberg lettuce and a soft-glazed bun”.

The burger had sold out in just four days of its release in the UK and has since been renamed the ‘Original Recipe Vegan Burger’, the outlet mentions.

“We knew there were plenty of people who would want to get a taste of The Imposter, but we didn’t anticipate this phenomenal response!” Victoria Robertson, senior innovation leader at KFC, had said last year. In fact, KFC had also mentioned that the sales of The Imposter were significantly higher than its signature chicken burger.

Some of the other meat-free products that won prizes at the Vegan Food Awards included Nando’s vegan Perinaise sauce, the ‘Vegan Works’ pizza from Papa John’s and the vegan Plant Chef range at Tesco, per the report.